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April 15, 2017

Another anti-marijuana propaganda film by Big Pharma and corrupt law enforcement, who reap huge financial rewards and attain high levels of power through waging the war on drugs. What they won't tell you is that those same people who claim they first started out on marijuana before graduating to opioids is that they first tried cigarettes, alcohol, and other prescription drugs. Just being exposed to our prescription pill popping culture with all the pharmaceutical/medical industry propaganda (advertising) is a gateway to opioids and other dangerous drugs. Exposure to alcohol and tobacco industry propaganda will achieve the same gateway effect on our children and youth. These type of films thrive on being deceptive and arousing emotion. Don't be taken in!

It troubles me that my community expresses such concern about opioids while law enforcement plans to put the small medical marijuana providers out of business under the new law on medical marijuana dispensaries contrary to the intent of the citizens when they voted for medical marijuana. Here we have medical marijuana, a safe alternative to opioids and other dangerous prescription drugs and law enforcement intends to clamp down on production and distribution. Again, it's cracking down on the little guy while protecting the worst offenders in our society.

Dr. Mercola recommends the high CBD strains of marijuana that won't get you high or stoned as one of many alternatives to opioids. See, for example Prescription for Change — How to End America's Opioid Addiction.

Newspaper article on opioids crises
Newspaper article on medical marijuana

Our pill-popping society needs a healthy alternative

Is our pill-popping society losing its mind?

April 15, 2017

Governor set to sign marijuana extract bill

I had previously thought Governor Walker had signed the CBD legislation into law. This is my error. I saw it on WBAY channel 2 news this morning.

April 10, 2017

Here it's pointed out by a former judge that, if prohibition against marijuana is successfully ended, the war against all drugs will end as well. This is amazing and makes total sense. The Culture High is an excellent documentary and a must watch for all those concerned about ending the war on drugs as soon as possible (See full documentary below).

April 8, 2017

I really liked this video. CBD oil should only be considered a limited tool to get you over the rough times for many conditions such as major anxiety issues. The man should try raw cannabis as advised by Dr. William Courtney in his video at

Lifestyle change as mentioned, at, is going to help in the long term in my opinion. My big concern when it comes to cannabis as medicine is that people will achieve some remarkable results right away but not feel the need to change their lifestyle. For instance, a 2 pack a day smoker with lung cancer might use Ricky Simpson oil as mentioned in Run From The Cure reverse the cancer and still continue to smoke and eat a bad, carcinogenic diet of junk foods and unhealthy meats. This is only likely to bring that cancer back again.

Notice how the man in the video doesn't complain of any harsh side effects from CBD such as addiction and intoxication. If he would've been taking benzodiazepines which are commonly prescribed for anxiety conditions, he would've likely been complaining of the psychoactive effects of the drug and the life threatening withdrawal symptoms.


April 2, 2017

An excellent description of the unreasonably prejudicial mistreatment of people addicted to drugs (you can see the full video at I, however, would disagree with bringing so-called modern medicine with its arsenal of drugs to bear on treating drug addiction since it's a lifestyle problem requiring a fundamental change in thinking and habits. Drugs such as antidepressants, methadone and suboxone (which Dr. Potee calls good medicine in the video) are dangerous drugs that are also inflicting great harm on the public. See footnotes. We now have the non-psychoactive strains of cannabis that don't produce intoxication or other negative side-effects that can safely replace these dangerous psychiatric drugs. See What is CBD? and Cannabidiol as an Intervention for Addictive Behaviors: A Systematic Review of the Evidence (page 37 says: "CBD has been shown to be a safe compound in both animals and humans, which is of critical importance from a therapeutic point of view.").

Addiction Is Not a Brain Disease,

Addiction is not a disease — and we’re treating addicts incorrectly,"The disease theory has powerful forces behind it, has money behind it.")

I searched "3 children died from marijuana overdoses in Colorado" but could not find any info on these marijuana deaths. After Dr. Potee's video was posted on 6/2/16 (see full video at, The Denver Post mentioned it was suspected that a 11-month old child may have died from a marijuana overdose but were unable to find conclusive proof this was the case.

After watching the above videos and the Impact of Legalized Marijuana where Dr. Potee expressed her views against marijuana, I strongly suspect she is one of many doctors being paid by Big Pharma to speak against marijuana and promote pharmaceutical drugs. She strategically avoided discussing the many health benefits of marijuana used medicinally and its obvious superiority over pharmaceuticals. She never mentions that children and teens who are forced to use pharmaceuticals all day every day suffer both physical and mental decline as well as difficult to beat addictions from these substances. See Lesson 5 - Pharmaceutical Drugs - From The War on Kids Dr. Potee mentioned nothing about this.

In both the marijuana videos, Potee points out that alcohol and tobacco use amongst teens is falling. She blames the falling rates on marijuana's rise in popularity. Shouldn't this be looked at as a good thing or a positive development? Here the kids are giving up the more dangerous drugs! Why not now focus on why students feel a need to get stoned on marijuana? I think this can be found in the horrible prison like conditions being inflicted on students in the schools. See The War On Kids, at

Big Pharma is currently very worried about losing big money due to medical marijuana use. As a result, I think you'll see more Dr. Potee's arise to save Big Pharma interests. Potee works in drug treatment and makes big money dishing out methadone, suboxone, and antidepressants. This is exactly where Big Pharma wants to take the country's addiction problem - more addiction.

Here’s how legal pot changed Colorado and Washington, ("Marijuana legalization appears to have had little impact on traffic fatalities")

Dose of Reality: The Effect of State Marijuana Legalizations (Cato Institute),

March 31, 2017

Newspaper article on medical marijuana's benefits
Newspaper article medical pot for pets

Here's a couple of medical marijuana articles I missed. I'm surprised to see these articles in our conservative local newspaper. Probably won't hear too much about this topic in the future. The marijuana's medical benefits article was likely a response to the article on the GOP softening on medical marijuana appearing in many Wisconsin publications about a month previously. See In Wisconsin, signs of GOP softening on medical marijuana.

March 25, 2017

Newspaper article on 8thgrader with epilepsy
Newspaper article 8thgrader with epilepsy

Too bad the young man in the article doesn't have ready access to high CBD cannabis for his epilepsy. If CBD works for children with severe cases of Dravet's syndrome, just think how much better it will work for common epilepsy. Even though it's now legal to possess CBD with a doctor's certification in Wisconsin, it will likely be tough to find a doctor who will give such a certification - especially for anything less than Dravet's syndrome.

March 5, 2017

Newspaper article on methamphatemine rise

It looks like we may be shifting to fight a new enemy in the never ending war on drugs. Methamphatemine! I just wish that law enforcement, the newsmedia, and politicians could for once get it right and focus on the true cause of drug addiction. Economic stress on families and individuals, prison-like public schools, and law enforcement strategies that aggravate the problem instead of helping it need to be investigated. Most of all, I see the the pharmaceutical/health industry to be the main problem. They pump out a variety of dangerous psychoactive drugs that are the true gateway to drugs like methamphatemine, cocaine and heroin.

Take for instance, Ritalin. Ritalin is a stimulant drug similar to methamphatemine and cocaine that's currently being pushed to parents with children who have a variety of behavioural issues. Some experts have seen Ritalin and similar drugs given to children as gateways to stronger, more dangerous stimulants such as methamphatemine, cocaine and tobacco. See the links below.

One website, Ritalin and Cocaine: The Connection and the Controversy, points out that:

ADHD children are typically taken off of Ritalin when they reach adulthood. Interestingly, these individuals seem to be more prone to cocaine addiction. Why is that? Because Ritalin and cocaine are similar drugs, it's possible that ADHD adults are unknowingly using cocaine as a replacement for Ritalin. In other words, it may be an attempt to self-medicate. Cocaine may help individuals with ADHD focus and feel calm and in control.

Methamphatemine is a stimulant the same as cocaine.

Now that we have new strains of cannabis that are non-psychoactive and capable of treating a wide variety of conditions such as ADHD we should be moving as quickly as possible to this new medicine before giving children these dangerous, toxic, gateway drugs that leave them crippled for life in too many cases. See ADHD.

Dr. Peter Breggin says we train our children to become psychiatric drug or street drug addicts when we give them Ritalin and similar substances. In the video below, Dr. Breggin describes how Ritalin stunts children growth - including brain growth when the drug is forced on them on a daily basis.


Learning Plan 10 - Discussing Stimulants


March 4, 2017

Newspaper article on the opioids problem

I was surprised to see the article above in our local newspaper paper admitting to the corrupting influence of the pharmaceutical industry and allied health groups on our government's decision making process. The article says:

In trying to combat what they see as the reckless over-prescribing of opioids, lawmakers are up against powerful adversaries. A joint investigation by The Associated Press and the Center for Public Integrity last fall found that pharmaceutical companies and allied groups spent more than $880 million nationwide on lobbying and campaign contributions from 2006 through 2015.

I doubt, however, that you'll see this admission too much in the future. I also believe the magnitude of the corruption and the sums of money involved is much greater than reported. The newsmedia and advertising agencies themselves certainly receive substantial sums. Then you got to consider who are the people investing in these drug companies? Could it be lawmakers, judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials themselves? I think it's probably pretty easy for officials to fool the public into thinking they're serious about ending drug addiction while making a substantial profit off of the process in a symbiotic, exploitative and predatory fashion.

Conspiracy, racketeering dismissed in HFM,

Officials: Overprescribing linked to deaths,

End the drug war cartoon

February 19, 2017

Dr. Mercola's latest article in support of medical cannabis entitled Medical Cannabis — A Vastly Underutilized Therapeutic Option? really explains the great need for its use - especially for people suffering from pain. He also decries the DEA decision to reclassify cannabidiol (CBD) as a Schedule 1 controlled substance as a step backward.

Wisconsin politicans should take some pointers from Dr. Mercola while they craft their legislation to make CBD legal and give the people the greatest possible access to it in order to encourage its use in place of the high THC strains of cannabis that produce intoxication and pharmaceutical drugs that are the true gateways to harder drugs. Wisconsinites clearly have a strong constitutional right to easy access to CBD and their political representatives have a clear duty to pursue CBD legislation in their behalf. See Wisconsin Constitution, Article 1, Section 1 (Declaration of Rights).

The ability to use CBD in its raw form through juicing and blended smoothies and in edibles created to make its consumption pleasant as well as more effective is absolutely necessary. For instance, using CBD in raw form through juicing and smoothies makes it possible for greater dosages to be consumed resulting in a much more effective medicine. See Raw Cannabis Advantages. Turning CBD into edibles such as coconut oil, a super food with many health benefits, gives CBD a greater impact as well as makes consumption easier. See, for example, Canna Coconut Oil and Discover The Powers And Pleasures Of Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil. In the later article the author says:

When coconut oil and cannabis are combined, the health benefits can become especially powerful. Some cancer patients have reported high levels of success when using a combination of cannabis and coconut oil.


I base my belief that CBD is now legal to possess in Wisconsin because Governor Walker supported the bill which went to his office around March 8th. See Even if Gov. Walker didn't sign the bill into law it would become law after 6 days under Wisconsin law and we've heard nothing about a veto. See

Also, from my reading of the bill that went to Gov. Walker, any person can possess CBD for any medical condition if a doctor provides a certification. It's not just for children with Dravet's syndrome or severe epilepsy. The Wisconsin Senate Bill 10 says:

"(b) An individual may possess cannabidiol in a form without a psychoactive effect if the individual has certification stating that the individual possesses cannabidiol to treat a medical condition, if the certification has an issue date that is no more than one year prior to the possession, and if any expiration date provided by the physician in the certification has not passed."

The law appears to say any person may possess CBD for any medical condition if they have certification from a physician. I suspect that many physicians will assume the law was made for only children with Dravet's syndrome because of news accounts describing CBD as being for children with Dravet's syndrome.



The Proven Dangers of Antidepressants,

Five Reasons Not to Take SSRIs,

Germanwings jetliner catastrophe: The first antidepressant drug-induced mass murder of the skies?,

Methadone and Suboxone

Methadone: A Major Driver of Prescription Painkiller Overdose Deaths,

Most States List Deadly Methadone as a 'Preferred Drug',

The Dangers of Long Term Suboxone Use, (Maryland Addiction Recovery Center treats suboxone addiction)

Addicted to a Treatment for Addiction,

How many children die from accidental overdoses to methadone and suboxone when they discover them and think they're candy?

Toddler Poisoned by Prescriptions,

It's certainly way more than one black child every now and then in a bad neighborhood,


Psalm 82:2-4 New International Version

[2] “How long will you defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked? [3] Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. [4] Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.


2017 Senate Bill 119, section 15(1)(d)

That cannabidiol and hemp seed oil have the ability to provide relief for maladies, without psychotropic effect.