Weed Transcript

GUPTA: And it's research that could give hope to patients like Charlotte Figi. Scientists in Israel are learning that marijuana use might actually protect the brain, not damage it.

They've been able to show that it can decrease the amount of brain damage from head injuries in mice.

HOLLAND: Right. To be able to give a medicine after the injury to reverse some of the damage, that's huge.

P. FIGI: You want to paint your nails? I'll paint your nails.

M. FIGI: I literally see Charlotte's brain making connections that haven't been made in years. It's almost seeming to build her brain where before it seemed broken.

GUPTA: And while scientists are still at the very early stages of knowing if this is actually happening, I can tell you it was remarkable to see her progress. In the three months since we first met her, we saw a change. She was now talking more.