Letters to Politicians

Because of the recent change in political climate on cannabidiol (CBD) by the Wisconsin GOP and what I learned from the neurological health and water quality presentation by Professor Renee Richer on 12/13/16 at UW Marinette, I wrote the letters and email below. In my opinion, CBD education is key to repairing the past history of political persecution and resulting stigma to using cannabis as medicine.

Letter to Senator Dave Hansen

Professor Renee Richer Lecture PowerPoint (pptx)

Professor Renee Richer Lecture PowerPoint in pdf

Neurological Health and Water Quality

Senator Dave Hansen letter with Memo & Bill

Can Cannabidiol Ease NFL's Concussion Problem (The link died on WBAY's website so I turned the article into a pdf)

Letter to Senator Chris Larson

E-mail to Representative Melissa Sargent